Bit Of Whimsy

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  Hello and welcome to my little herd. I am located in Western Pennsylvania. I have Nigerian Dwarfs and a few sweet LaManchas. I have helped Caprigem, my sister's herd, for many years now and have decided it is time for me to have my own. I am starting out small and hope to continue to learn and grow with my herd. I am looking forward to this years shows and Linear Appraisal. Bit of Whimsy is a proud member of ADGA and WPDGA. 

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Breeding season is now complete.

Breeding Chart

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 Caprigem EM Laurel
Doe / Buck: $500
Wether: $150
  Misty Maple FV Gizmo
Dollys Acre Lil' Dude

Doe / Buck: $425

Wether: $150

 Bit Of Whimsy FB Jaded
 Gibson Farm DF Parkour

Doe / Buck: $400

Wether: $150

 Bit Of Whimsy BR Poker Face
Doe: $350
Wether: $150
  Doggie Days VIPEWEEZ Inky (LaMancha)
Doe / Buck: $400

Wether: $150

  AMYR TCF Layla (LaMancha)

Doe / Buck: $400

Wether: $150


All deposits are non-refundable.        All sales are final.


Pictures of the Bucks, put a face to the name, used for the 2019 kidding season.

Caprigem Frisco Bay
Thank you Jodi Walker at Caprigem for the use of End Of The Line Boomerang

Thank you Jodi Walker at Caprigem for the use of Gibson Farm Parkour

Dollys Acre Lil' Dude

Thank you Liz I am excited to add the Dollys Acre genetics to my herd.

Manzinita Farm Admire Clooney

Thank You Denise Leonard from Doggie Days LaManchas for letting me use this handsome buck in my breeding program.

Thank you Jodi Walker at Caprigem for the use of

Photo courtesy of Rosebay Ridge