Bit Of Whimsy

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Abby, and Peachy in 2014

Me and Abby in the Crawford County Fair's grand cavalcade. 2014

Jack- the cat walking the goat, Dyna 2014

LaLa's kids 2015- Moon River (black and white doe) Carolina Moon (buckskin doe)    Bad Moon Rising (broken chamoise buck)

                                     Abby's 2016 Kids- the very first in my herd name

       Bit Of Whimsy VP Timothy McGee (white poll) & Bit Of Whimsy VP Tony Dinozzo

Kissy's 2016 Buck Kid (First Nigerian in my herd name)

Bit Of Whimsy FB Pucker Up

Sold- Thank you Tom Mackey


My sisters herd, she can take credit for starting my love for the goats!

A very good friend who shares my love for the LaManchas.

A good resource for figuring out patterns.

A nice group of like minded goat people.

The main registry that I use.

A nice place to find other LaMancha breeders.